Bean Bag Toss Games – Quite a Fetching Pastime

The game of pitching washers must have been played by you many a time at some point and you may touch up the same game with a little novel thought and prepare your own set. Fun begins at home, so make homemade washers the source of your entertainment.

As you must be aware, the game is played by two or four players with an objective to throw washers inside the holes. Unlike bean bag toss game, you may have to do things a little differently here. Keeping this in mind, first of all you need to think over whether you would like to dig holes in your backyard or build washer boxes in complete for the purpose. Doing the former is comparatively easier, but the problem is that you won’t be able to move the holes as and when required, when in case of washer boxes, you can easily take them wherever you go. Once you have decided your move, begin with the execution part. Digging holes does not require any special equipment. If you are looking to make washer boxes, you need to stack up สล็อต a few things first. Get four long boards and attach them with screws to make a square. Next, glue a piece of plywood at the bottom to complete the box. The boards should measure 14″ x 16″ with 2-4 inch thick.

The sides of the boxes must now be strengthened with glue. Now obtain 2 PVC pipes of 4-inch diameter each. Cut them and place them inside the box such that top of pipes is at par with the top of the box. Now fill soil in the box so that the pipes have support from all four sides. Place the boxes about 20 feet apart. This game is now as much as fun as the bean bag toss games.

You may organize home-based pitching washers by digging holes at required distances in your own backyard and insert pipes into them – you would have to make sure though that the mouths of the pipe are leveled with the ground. This would make the gameplay easy and not interfere with your movements. The radius of washers and pipes are varied, but the usual thumb rule is that there should be a difference of half an inch between the two so that the washer can easily land inside the pipe. Usually, eight washers of 3 ½ inches each are utilized. The size of the washer box is not a big issue – it may be a little smaller or larger than the standard. Bingo! Your homemade washer game is ready to be played.

In case we are not familiar with the rules of the game, the next logical step is to know them. As already mentioned, 8 washers of equal sizes, two washer boxes or two holes in the ground are the pre-requisites for the pitching washers game. Two sets of 4 washers each are formed and the sets are given distinctive colors so as to differentiate the sets of opponents. 2 or 4 people usually play this game in singles or in teams of 2. If there are 2 players, the same box is used. If there are 4 players, then for each team there is one washer box positioned at opposite ends of playing strip. Each player tosses 4 washers in one round. A washer inside the cup is worth 3 points, a washer atop the box but not in the cup is equal to 1 point while a washer that does not touch the box is worth naught.

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